What Our Customers Think

It was an amazing experience working with Robert who is extremely thoughtful for his clients. He is willing to prepare and educate with all the necessary information. He is the best real estate agent I have ever experienced. Definitely when I am ready to purchase in the near future I would ask for his help again. I strongly recommend him.

by Leigh Wen, Designer:

Seyma was incredibly attentive, responsive, sweet and HONEST! I capitalize honest because it''s rare to find a broker who you don''t know personally who gives you real feedback and thoughts on apartments. Her goal seemed to be finding us the right place, not just making a quick and easy rental. In the end, we went with a different property that didn''t require a broker, but if we had continued to work with an agent, I''d pick her again 100%.

by Nell

Russell was exceptionally helpful during the final stressful days of closing the deal. I was moving up from Washington, D.C. while my roommate was working full time with a jam-packed schedule. Russell was able to work around several scheduling conflicts to ensure I had the keys to my place the day that I moved into the city. I would recommend him for anyone having issues finding the perfect place.

by KLSY ****

I had the pleasure of working with Jacklin Levin. I was looking for a studio rental in Rego Park and did not have any success with other brokers. She showed me one listing and I was done - best value in the neighborhood. She was very attentive and personable. The whole process was quick and easy. I would definitely recommend working with Jacklin and Red Sparrow.

by Chris L.