What Our Customers Think

Seyma is the best real estate agent I''ve met in NYC thus far, as it''s extremely challenging to connect with a quality agent in this city. Being new to NY and pressed for time to find a place, Seyma was an angel from beginning to end, consistently communicating with me, trying hard to find something that she believed I''d be interested in, and scheduling appointments. She''s extremely kind, genuine, prompt, and just an all around good person. Felt great to work with her and hope to connect with her in the near future! You won''t be disappointed with Seyma.

by Tashara

I had the pleasure of discovering Robert Kravath while on a hunt for apartments via "Craigslist" in July 2011. I was a woman frequently traveling abroad to Europe, working wild hours, and looking to find a 2 bedroom to purchase before September 1st but with little knowledge about actually purchasing. When I saw Robert''s detailed, clear, "no-nonsense" ads on Craigslist, I knew I had to contact him. I emailed him immediately. In less than 24 hours Robert had gotten back to me; asking me questions that would narrow in on helping me find the perfect place. Not only within the first days did I get organized a list of my needs, I also received detailed emails from Robert on: The difference between Condo and Co-ops, choosing an apartment location, Mortgage Brokers, and a page with links to all his listings within my price range. Soon therein, he created a list of apartment viewings with dates and times around my schedule.
By July 12th, 2011, I was working with Robert to get a bid for an amazing apartment I saw, signing contracts, putting my 10% down for the place, wiring money, and in touch with a Real Estate Lawyer. Now, I am excited and thrilled to be in Escrow, awaiting closing on my first-time apartment purchase.
Robert Kravath is Efficient. He organized viewings catered to my price range, my desires, and my schedule. During the entire process, I always knew where we were going, what steps I needed to take to keep moving in the right direction, and the positive and negatives of each property we viewed. Our time spent was never wasted on idle conversations and every time we met we were a step ahead of where we were last meeting.
Robert Kravath is Experienced. In addition to being a Real Estate Broker, Robert is also a Real Estate Lawyer. He is a well of knowledge and has an eagle eye for details. He knows many people in the field of Real Estate and is open and eager to share his own experience and network with you. In sum, Robert is the most experienced, honest, and professional Broker I know in New York. I recommend highly his work and look forward to passing along his contact information to my friends and family in need. He has served as both an educator and Broker of Real Estate to me. I look forward to working alongside Robert long term with future successful, quick, and painless property purchases. He is the best!"

by Natasha M. Diamond-Walker, Dancer and model.

I LOVED working with Red Sparrow! Russel and his team (especially Karen Willner-Schatz) are rock stars! They really took care of us and went above and beyond the call of duty! Karen was very sweet and caring. My roommate and I were tentative to work with a broker, and it was also our first time looking to sign a lease. Fortunately, we found Red Sparrow! We were looking for a place within our price range and in a safe area. Also worth mentioning, we were under a time constraint, and it was August, a.k.a. when apartments in NYC are in high demand! They made it happen within two weeks! Needless to say, I would 110% recommend working with Red Sparrow.


Russell was extremely generous with his time, both on the phone, advising me how to better qualify for apartments, and also when he showed me many apartments. He was extremely knowledgable about the area of the city that we explored, and made sure I saw a wide variety of apartments. An excellent agent.