What Our Customers Think

I spoke with Russell several times regarding renting my condo in NYC and he provided terrific service. He is very responsive, extremely knowledgeable, and very easy to work with. He is very patient and spent as much time as necessary to ensure I fully understood all of the information he was providing and answered all of my questions. I would glad work with Russell any time in the future and would highly recommend him to anyone needing real estate services.

by rktalati

Francesca and Russell were WONDERFUL. Francesca was the main broker helping us. She was extremely responsive and honest, and not at all pushy. We were happy with each apartment she showed us, because she listened to our requirements and didn''t try to sneak in places that were out of our price range or otherwise that we wouldn''t like. As a result, every moment we spent talking to her and seeing apartment with her was well spent, and we love the place we ended up :)

by Kathy L.

In particular, Russell was helpful when I was having difficulty getting in touch with the building management company. He was available to field questions and has followed up with me to ensure the move went smoothly.

by Kristin Blizzard

An ancient Asian history the Sparrow signified the bearer of good tidings, a harbinger.

Red Sparrow Realty, under the stewardship of Russell Dinstein, has the know-how and competent personnel to compete with the "BIG BOYS."

Small in size, like the sparrow, giving you the personal touch, and like the sparrow, Red Sparrow Realty has been my harbinger of good tidings, an offering fulfilling my housing need.

And the color RED, it stands out !!

(a satisfied client)
July 2016