February 2016 by Leigh Wen, Designer: , Leigh Wen, Designer: , Midtown West
It was an amazing experience working with Robert who is extremely thoughtful for his clients. He is willing to prepare and educate with all the necessary information. He is the best real estate agent I have ever experienced. Definitely when I am ready to purchase in the near future I would ask for his help again. I strongly recommend him.

February 2016 by Valentina Musco, of Agata & Valentina Fine Foods: , Valentina Musco, of Agata & Valentina Fine Foods: , Upper East Side
My husband and I worked with Rob. We found the working relationship to be very pleasant due to his efficiency, accuracy and most importantly promptness and availability.

Joe Popson, Actor:
February 2016 by Joe Popson, Actor: , Joe Popson, Actor. , Midtown West
I just had the most wonderful time working with Robert Kravath as my real estate agent. Not only is Rob extremely knowledgeable about his job, he also goes about it in a way that makes you feel relaxed and prepared for quite possibly the biggest purchase of your lifetime.
Rob has absolutely incredible communication skills and was with me on this journey of purchasing every step of the way. He is also incredibly thoughtful of his clients and always above all, puts your best interest first. When we started this process together and Rob was showing me properties, he sat me down after a few places and said, where do you really want to live? He asked me where do I spend the most time in NYC, and that place is midtown Manhattan in the theater district.
He takes time out of his busy schedule to find out about you and what your passions and ambitions are in this world. Then he found me the most incredible building right in the heart of midtown with a very theatrical history and artsy population. From showing me the apartment, to guiding me through the bidding steps, to the application process, acquiring an absolutely wonderful Attorney, to preparing me for the important housing board interview, closing the deal, and move-in he was with me every step of the way. Even from the couple trips that I had to make to his office the staff were approachable, kind, and caring. When you walked in you felt like the only person in the building because you knew they cared and were also putting your best interest first. I was not available on the day and time of closing for the apartment and Rob went out of his way to bring the apartment documents and sets of keys to me at an audition that I was monitoring at on the 12th floor of a building. It was very busy when he arrived and he sat patiently until I had a free minute to talk.
This is exactly the kind of guy Rob is, a down to earth, kind, caring, prompt, passionate, individual who wants nothing but the absolute best for his clients. If I ever had a question about virtually anything, Rob was always there for me. His availability and responsiveness was wonderful on top of that. I always felt confident and comfortable when I made an appointment with Rob, that he would be there and be prepared for anything that would come our way. Robert Kravath is the real deal. I will be eternally thankful to Rob for helping me make a dream of mine come true. HIGHLY RECOMMEND A+

February 2016 by Natasha M. Diamond-Walker, Dancer and model. , Natasha M. Diamond-Walker, Dancer and model. , Upper West Side
I had the pleasure of discovering Robert Kravath while on a hunt for apartments via "Craigslist" in July 2011. I was a woman frequently traveling abroad to Europe, working wild hours, and looking to find a 2 bedroom to purchase before September 1st but with little knowledge about actually purchasing. When I saw Robert''s detailed, clear, "no-nonsense" ads on Craigslist, I knew I had to contact him. I emailed him immediately. In less than 24 hours Robert had gotten back to me; asking me questions that would narrow in on helping me find the perfect place. Not only within the first days did I get organized a list of my needs, I also received detailed emails from Robert on: The difference between Condo and Co-ops, choosing an apartment location, Mortgage Brokers, and a page with links to all his listings within my price range. Soon therein, he created a list of apartment viewings with dates and times around my schedule.
By July 12th, 2011, I was working with Robert to get a bid for an amazing apartment I saw, signing contracts, putting my 10% down for the place, wiring money, and in touch with a Real Estate Lawyer. Now, I am excited and thrilled to be in Escrow, awaiting closing on my first-time apartment purchase.
Robert Kravath is Efficient. He organized viewings catered to my price range, my desires, and my schedule. During the entire process, I always knew where we were going, what steps I needed to take to keep moving in the right direction, and the positive and negatives of each property we viewed. Our time spent was never wasted on idle conversations and every time we met we were a step ahead of where we were last meeting.
Robert Kravath is Experienced. In addition to being a Real Estate Broker, Robert is also a Real Estate Lawyer. He is a well of knowledge and has an eagle eye for details. He knows many people in the field of Real Estate and is open and eager to share his own experience and network with you. In sum, Robert is the most experienced, honest, and professional Broker I know in New York. I recommend highly his work and look forward to passing along his contact information to my friends and family in need. He has served as both an educator and Broker of Real Estate to me. I look forward to working alongside Robert long term with future successful, quick, and painless property purchases. He is the best!"

Thomas J. Bates, Principal, TJB Capital Management
February 2016 by Thomas J. Bates, Principal, TJB Capital Management , Thomas J. Bates, Principal, TJB Capital Management , Upper West Side
I am retired from international banking, investment banking, financial consulting and financial planning. I have owned Manhattan apartments and recently moved back into Manhattan.
I am writing this letter in recommendation of Robert Kravath as a real estate agent, consultant and expert adviser.
Robert had invaluable information and advice about the real estate market. He gave me detailed information about apartments we viewed. Even though I have an extensive background in finance, Manhattan real estate is a unique and opaque market. Having Robert as a guide and adviser was essential. I was able to get the apartment I wanted at a good price thanks to Robert.
If I were to look for another Manhattan apartment, Robert would be the first person I would contact and I highly recommend him.

February 2016 by Farah Liem, Designer. , Farah Liem, Designer. , Kips Bay
I'm the new proud owner of an awesome condo in the Flatiron district! Mainly because of my awesome broker Rob Kravath!!! He deserves an A+ for both effort and productivity! Apartment hunting in NYC is a tedious and crazy process, which can be exhausting and emotional. The market and procedures in purchasing a property in NYC is so different from anywhere else in the country. This is why it is essential to have a good, experienced broker who is familiar with the routine and in's and out's of the fast moving NYC real estate market...which I can attest Rob Kravath is very knowledgeable of.
Prior to meeting Rob I had the unfortunate experience of working with a few brokers who were not knowledgeable, too busy to keep me appraised of up coming new listings and not easy to work with. Too much talk and not enough action!
Rob was the opposite - totally on the ball for the 4 months I worked with him very closely in my search for a condo till the end of closing. His communication is excellent. No chasing emails! He responds in a prompt manner, within less then 24 hrs, if not a few hours. He listens and gets a good understanding of your budget and what you want- location, size, aesthetics, etc.
Based on your criteria he sends you current weekly listings of new properties on the market with details and open house times. This I must say is a blessing, because I would find properties of interest on the internet and realize after doing my research that its old inventory already sold or in contract that hasn't been removed from sites which gets really frustrating. Also, Rob's weekly listings are time-savers because he's done the work for you and it is based on your criteria so you can review under 20 listings which is manageable, instead of having to sift through hundreds of listings for hours online.
Rob is always available to make an appointment to view an apartment with you. He spent time looking at many different apartments with me until we could determine what I really wanted and needed. He educates you about the market through the process. He knows how to handle the famous and stressful NYC bidding wars. Best of all Rob won me a fabulous condo at the lowest price possible, taking a cut from his commission. Wow is right! Not many brokers will go above and beyond for you. He continued to actively support me and help me prepare the board package, and was creative enough to find other means when some of my personal criteria did not match the boards requests. This shows he knows what he's doing, has much experience preparing board packages and knows what the boards really need in order to approve you.
Rob is detailed and works for you till the end of closing and even after. I highly recommend him to anyone including my friends and family who are interested in purchasing a property in NYC. Having Rob as your broker will relieve a lot of stress in your property hunt - guaranteed! Thank you Robert Kravath for your time and hard work. It was a pleasure working with you. See you again in the future!